The Edinburgh Napier Research in Cultural Heritage (ENrich) team at Edinburgh Napier University was established in 2007 in order to address issues relating to the recording and safeguarding of ICH practices within Scotland in line with the UNESCO 2003 Convention. Founded and managed by principal investigator Professor Alison McCleery, the team has grown and developed with input from a variety of internal contributors (such as Professors and Readers, Research Assistants, research students and Summer interns) as well as external researchers and stakeholders. Doctor Jordan Gamble joined Professor Alison McCleery’s ENrich team in February 2015.

The  team’s work constitutes a key element of the tourism group research initiative within the ENU Business School, an initiative which is important in view of the increasing significance of tourism research within the School. It is also important in terms of its cross-faculty (Business School / Creative Industries) and therefore cross-disciplinary importance and potential, in the context of not only University vision and mission but also Scottish Government forward economic plans.