Who We Are
Professor Alison McCleery, the ENrich team's Founder and Principal Investigator

Professor Alison McCleery, the ENrich team’s Founder and Principal Investigator

Professor Alison McCleery, the Founder and Principal Investigator of the ENrich team, has extensive experience in the field of ICH in Scotland – having overseen all of the ICH team’s research activities since its instigation in 2007. She is the lead author in various journal articles, conference papers and commissioned reports on ICH in Scotland – all based on projects carried out on ICH for e.g. UNESCO, AHRC, Creative Scotland, MGS. She has also given both a keynote address at the 10th Anniversary Celebrations in Venice in November 2013 of the UNESCO Convention on the ICH and has presented on ICH at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. in 2014.




Doctor Jordan Gamble, the ENrich team's Research Assistant

Doctor Jordan Gamble, the ENrich team’s Research Assistant

Doctor Jordan Gamble has recently (2015) completed a PhD in business and management studies in the context of creative and cultural industries. His 2013 paper on co-creational marketing practices within the music industry was published in the European Journal of Marketing. He was awarded a Santander Mobility Scholarship this year to conduct ICH research in Portugal. In September he co-presented a paper on the ethics of ICH at the 4th International Conference on Intangible Heritage in Lagos; this paper has subsequently been published as a chapter in an eBook of proceedings entitled “Sharing Cultures 2015“.





AlistairAlistair McCleery is Professor of Literature and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University where he is also Director of the Scottish Centre for the Book within which Postgraduate Publishing is based. With a real enthusiasm and passion for books and reading, Alistair believes that books are key instruments not only in personal development but also in social mobility and inclusion. To this end, his own research and teaching has focussed upon ensuring the robustness of our reading culture and the availability of good books at affordable prices to service it. He has been involved in the promotion of reading development and in the analysis of best models for publishing. In particular, he has a strong commitment to the distinctiveness of the cultural heritage of the nations and regions of the UK, stemming from his Ulster background and long-term Scottish residence.